Learn to Ride the Texas Way

Western-style riding lessons are the way to go

There's nothing quite as freeing as riding a horse. If you've always wanted to learn or simply want to brush up on your skills, you should come to Pine Top Stables and Grounds. We offer western-style riding lessons at our spacious facility. You'll work one-on-one with an experienced trainer. You can bring us specific concerns or get a general overview of the sport. Your needs are our priority. Call 936-652-4135 & ride with us today!

There's room for all riders to improve

Our lessons are available for every skill level from beginners to experienced riders. All lessons last an hour. You'll need to wear jeans and boots, but we'll provide your helmet. You can even bring your own horse for your lesson. This experience provides quality bonding and working time. You'll build your connection with your horse while improving skills.

Sign up for western-style riding lessons at Pine Top Stables and Grounds today.